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Super Power — this is an additional ability that increases the reward for completed tasks by 2 times, all levels of tasks will also be available.

Why do I need Super Power?
Here, the logic is simple - thanks to SuperPower, by completing the same number of tasks, you can earn exactly 2 times more. You will also have access to overly expensive tasks that you simply cannot complete without SuperPower. That is, if you are determined to allocate a day or two and earn a lot 💎 that is, it makes sense to activate Super Power and multiply everything received by 2 times. Most importantly, don't forget to activate your Super Power before you start completing tasks 😉
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Super Power
Videos are watched by real people for at least 30 seconds for which they receive a certain amount of 💎. You set the price per view. The higher the cost per view, the faster the video is promoted.
Each video can only be watched once. In this way, we achieve completely unique view traffic to your channel. Such traffic can in no way be called cheating, as it covers a lot of people.
Of course, for this you only need to log into the application under your Google account. We will find your account and you will continue to work with the same balance and rating.
Like in any other promotion service, we also have write-offs and unsubscribes, but we are working on improvement every day.

It is important to remember a number of requirements that are beyond our control, for example:
1. The account must not be empty;
2. It should already have an activity;
3. Attract subscribers only after uploading the video;
4. Attract within reasonable limits;
The full list can be found on our blog. And even if all the rules are observed, YouTube can write them off, using algorithms that are still unknown to us.

Support us, because only with your support we can continue to develop and make the service better! 🙌
User levels are given upon reaching a certain rating

Rating It is given for work directly in the LikeObmen app, for completing tasks and for purchases, namely:
- for one task +1 to the rating
- for every 1 000 coins when buying +10 000 rating

More about levels
We have upgraded the app to VVTop PRO and revised the rewards policy. Now the referral system has become fair and winning for everyone.

Referral system
Refer users with your promo code and get a percentage of their purchases and crystal earnings. ЗThen withdraw it to your account, what could be easier?
The percentage amount depends on the level of your partner.
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Affiliate program
To break the endless circulation of points between users, which would lead to an exponential (constant, rapid) increase in the cost of completion - the cost of adding is multiplied by 2. That is, when you see the cost of a task of 10, then the customer paid the price of 20 points.

Calculation formulas
1. TP = PP * 2 * NE (for all tasks except youtube video)
2. TP = PP * 2 * NE * NTI (for youtube video)

TP - Total price
PP - Price per performer
NE - Number of executions
NTI - Number of time intervals
Coupons are an opportunity to transfer your crystals into a unique code that another user of the application can enter and receive these crystals on the account.

More about coupons
Perhaps your task on the social network was deleted, blocked or hidden by privacy settings. Users do not have access to it and cannot execute.
VVTop is an application for cheating views, subscribers and likes on YouTube. It is part of the LikeObmen family of applications, which means it has a single balance and a referral system.
To use the service for free, you need to complete the tasks of other users.
Complete all available tasks. For completing tasks, you get crystals. Crystals can be used to promote your projects.
If you do not want to complete other people's tasks, you can simply buy crystals.
We have taken care of transferring funds from the old version of VideoVTope to the new one.
To do this, in the VVTop Pro profile there is a button Data migration from the old version
Read more about migration rules at the link below

Learn more about migration

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